The Truth About Direct Cremation Pricing

If you are planning a cremation, please take the time to read this page as it will  help you to understand the huge difference in pricing between Funeral Professionals and Direct Cremation Disposers.  If price is your only concern, stop reading. If the care of your loved one matters, take the time to read this in its entirety.

You may have discovered there are a wide variety of prices when it comes to direct cremations.  According to the New Jersey Funeral Directors Association Web-site, the average Direct Cremation provided by NJ Funeral Home's was $2429. Cremations from funeral home price lists ranged from $2023.00 to $3256.00 (as published on 

How is it possible to offer cremations as low as $500 as reflected by any Goggle Search?  The truth about these low cost providers (many in the funeral industry refer to them as “Disposers”) are that corners are cut and cremations are NOT performed individually, but rather in volume.  

The FTC requires full price disclosure of all funeral homes.  Pick up the phone, call a local funeral home and inquire as to the price of a direct cremation.  We know it will be in line with the statistics provided and not the claims made under search engine advertisements.  

Now compare how the individual funeral homes are performing their cremations. We go above and beyond to treat each family as an individual.  We treat cremation no differently than a burial.  Think about it, you would not expect your funeral director to show up at a cemetery without calling and asking a grave to be dug and ready for burial? Likewise, we do not just show up at a crematory without knowing that the retort (the chamber in which the cremation is performed)  is open and waiting for us.  Ask yourself, if the person you paid to oversee the cremation is not there when the process starts, how can they assure a family that the cremains returned to them are actually those of their loved ones? Sadly, most funeral homes prescribe to that exact practice and simply "drop off" someone to be cremated and have no fail-safes to assure a family that the cremains are returned to the family is those of their loved ones.  

That's why we prefer the term Complete Cremation rather than direct cremation. We believe everyone, regardless of wants or economic circumstances, should be treated individually.  We offer our Complete Cremations throughout the New Jersey - New York Metropolitan area. 

Complete Cremation

Facilities and Arrangements:  We are cremation providers offering Professional services from a physical structure.   Arrangement  choices include:  Arrangements at our facility, arrangements in your home, or digital arrangements for those who live at distances or prefer the convenience.

Individual Service We treat each person individually.  Only one person is in a vehicle when brought to the crematory.   In addition, we schedule a precise time for the start of the cremation.  Our directors witness the individual placed into the retort and wait at the crematory with your loved one until the process is irreversible.  During this time our directors observe the tagging and labeling system that follows someone through-out the cremation process.  (All crematories we are associated with utilize a metal disk numbering system that follows someone throughout the process).  By taking these steps we can assure you that the cremains returned to you are that of your loved ones, because we have taken the time to supervise, as funeral directors are supposed to do.

Shelter: The 24 Hour Law in New Jersey,  as well as other States, requires a minimum wait period before someone can be cremated.  If someone dies in a facility that has refrigeration, such as a hospital, a family can opt to utilize that facility for the wait period.  However, when a person dies in a facility without refrigeration or a home the deceased needs to be sheltered.  We are one of the only funeral homes that offer on site refrigeration.  Assuring families that your loved one is properly sheltered and identified. 

Discount Direct Cremation

Facilities and Arrangements:  No over head is one of the main reasons disposers can claim to operate at such low prices.   Many simply pay a small funeral home to hang a registration in their facility so they can operate, working out of their service vehicle, or "out of their hat".    The service vehicles are usually vans or box tucks specially designed to  accommodate multiple bodies.   Arrangements are performed in your home, or the hospital at the time of transfer, many times with the deceased in the same room.

Multiple Cremations:   Because their business model relies on volume and not individual attention to details, the deceased becomes a number and is brought to the crematory in vans and box trucks specifically designed to accommodate multiple body transportation, as shown to the right.   Crematories have limited number of retorts and since disposers just "show-up" at the crematory the  deceased are often left there waiting for "their turn" with no supervision.  This practice insures that the cremation provider has no idea if the cremains being returned to the family is that of their loved ones, because they were not there when the process started.   This practice can only lead to the confusion of identity of remains, and begs the questions "Are you going to get the remains of your loved one or someone else.

Shelter:  Simply stated you should ask "where exactly is your loved one being sheltered".  May I inspect that facility?  Is there refrigeration? How many others are being stored with my loved one?   If all they have is a "man with a van" then the only option is to drop off at the crematory for the waiting period, and rely on the cremation operator for identification...or shelter in the mobile office. 

Our Complete Cremations packages start at $2500 and include transfer from facility  where death occurs, obtaining of permits and filing of death certificate, Concierge Services*, scheduling time at crematory, licensed funeral director at crematory, individual transportation to the crematory, alternative container for cremation.  Actual cost to the crematory, health department issuing certificates, memorial services, newspapers  or any other item not expressly indicated is not included.

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