William Schiotis

william schiotis

July 19, 1951 ~ April 23, 2018

William Steven Schiotis, born July 19, 1951 to Rose and Phil Schiotis. Billy grew up in Brooklyn NY but lived many places throughout his lifetime, ultimately winding up in NJ. He is survived by his wife, Victoria, his children, Dominick and Amy, Michael, Christina and Ian Lerner, and his grandchildren, Julia, Dominick, Alyssa, Lyla and Taylor, his sister Josephine, brother in law Steven, Nephew Pete and Marzana and nieces Amanda and Gina…mother in law Maria Ocello…father in law Steve and Marlene Piercynski, sister in law, Sam and Alex Harris….and I must mention our dogs, Buddy Jack, Casey and Lucy because they were his heart as well..

Billy grew up in Brooklyn NY, and was raised by his mom Rose, his grandma Rose and step dad Frank Carpinelli….Billy was the apple of his moms eye, and his grandmothers'(Gram) as well…..he quickly moved on to begin his journey of life and led a very interesting and colorful life…earlier on he was in sales for many years in various industries, and at the end of his sales career was instrumental in the success of credit card usage for the entire taxi industry…quite an accomplishment…among so many others.

His younger years, although not always easy, led him to an ultimate peace and happiness….Billy moved to NJ in 1994, and it became his home.

Always wanting to experience new and different things, he opened a "spiritual shop" Expect Miracles", and created the Oasis Club in Cliffside Park. He was a devoted "friend of Bill's" for over 25 years and it was a big part of his life. He was a co-owner of the Main St Cafe, with his wife, and ultimately wound up in the business of Fetch Pet Services which truly fulfilled him, as he had a way with animals….

He was a lover of the Mets, animals, rock and roll, The Walking Dead, good Italian food…he was a great cook, but his favorite was Spanish food…he had a love for cars….he loved to buy them tinker for a while and sell….it was a hobby for many years and he loved to go visit his buddy Vahe and talk and fix cars….he spent countless Saturday mornings for years doing just that and he truly loved it…he loved to travel and did so more in his younger years, he had so many curiosities and did get to satisfy many of them. Anyone who knew him knows how smart he was, he was so very wise and knew so much about so many things…he was truly the "go to guy" for his family and many of his friends throughout the years.. many who are no longer with us… I hope he connects with them again…

Billy was a devoted father who loved his children fiercely, not to mention the thrill of becoming a grandparent. He truly got such a kick out of being "grandpa Bill".. he loved every minute of it.

Billy lived his life on his terms, he was his own man.. a very strong man, he held tight to his beliefs and he didn't look back or worry about what others thought or whether they agreed…he was true to himself and that was most important to him. He knew what he wanted and more times than not, he got it… and then with his beautiful smile would say "see, I told you!"

We, his family are heartbroken and our lives will never ever be the same…. he touched so very many lives and I cannot count how many people he's helped through the years and that brought him so much joy and happiness…. knowing that helps us because he not only enriched our lives by being in them, but so many others as well… few people that knew him will ever forget him. He was a staple at the Sahara Club and his absence is felt there as well.

Billy knew how much we loved him, and his last months provided so many challenges for him….but he refused to complain or ever feel sorry for himself… he only wanted, that when his time came, to have everything on his terms, and he did.

Most important is that he knew his family was there with him till the very end and how very much we loved him. We will somehow try to go on without him… I don't know how, but I know it's what he wanted and unfortunately for us, ???????? has a way of moving forward…. I'd rather go back to a time that he was here, healthy and happy, but we will just hold him in our hearts forever, remember him with love and laughter and never ever forget…. for those of us closest to him, he had a profound effect on our lives, and we really don't know what we will do without him….. his suffering is over, ours has just begun…

Rest peacefully my love… we love you… please watch over all of us…. I can't stop hoping this is all just a bad dream.

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  1. We are so sorry for your family’s loss.
    May Billy always be remembered with fond memories as you keep his memory alive in your hearts. He will watch over you always.
    Love Greg & Annie

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the how you feel, however your dad is in a better place now.

  3. I got to know Bill when I was looking for a dog sitter, Izzie has always been a difficult dog so I was worried about finding the right person.

    Bill and Izzie bonded immediately, this really put my mind at ease. Bill always had the sweetest things to say about her when I’d pick her up from his place, I’ll never know if she was actually well behaved for him or if he was just trying to give me peace of mind. Either way, it worked. I always had great comfort in leaving Izzie with Bill, I knew she was in good hands.

    We’ll miss you, Bill.

  4. Dear Victoria, Dominck Amy Michael Christina and Ian and friends and family,

    I am so sorry for your loss.
    Yes, he touched so many lives and I have never forgotten him or his mom. I have been looking for Billy for decades. His mother Rose is someone I think of fondly and remember her gracious presence, even as I was a child. I hardly knew them, like all of you, but Billy and Rose have never left my heart. How can that be? But it be. This is a very special way of having influenced those whose hearts and minds, you touch over your lifetime. Be it a stranger on the street or a special friend, or teacher or the postman.

    I met Rose when I was an infant being strolled down the street in a baby carriage. She told me she instantly took a liking to me. She was the God Mother? or whatever it is when you get confirmed, of my sister Lynn, who took her name as part of confirmation. Lynn Ann Rose and she used those initials to have the nickname LARK.

    Occasionally I would go and stay a few nights with his family in Brooklyn. My sister Lynn and I were childhood friends with Billy and Rose would bring him to visit us in Staten Island. Billy once arranged for my sister and I to meet at the Electric Circus in the Village, a live music club, Chambers Brothers playing that night. People on tightropes, strobe lights. My father dropped us off to stay only one hour. He told us he would be wearing a green army jacket and sunglasses. Everyone was wearing the same thing. We could not find him. We walked out 3 hours later. oops I have no idea why tonight at 2:30 am mountain time, I suddenly thought of him and was determined I would find him. This is too sad. I would have like to know him as an adult. He seems to have had an extraordinary life.

    I have searched over the many years. People like Billy and Rose, are hard to forget. I am the same age as him. I am devastated to find that he is gone. I lost my sister Lynn when she was 34 and my other 2 siblings at an early age. Life is hard and yet the joy that people like Billy and Rose brought to many, make it so worth it. I wish Billy peace and joy in this, the next step in his journey through the cosmos, and his family and friends as well. And his best friends his dogs. I would like to talk sometime, when anyone in the family would care to contact me I don't use Krakower name I put it for reference because that was my maiden name. My e mail is imbluesage at g mail in Santa Fe NM. 505-231-6713. . With loving prayers for all of you in this time of what is great sorrow. There are no coincidences. Peace and Light, Christine

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