Alexis C.

My mom just passed away and we wouldn’t have entrusted her with anyone else but Frank Patti Funeral Home. Just two years ago, Frank Patti Funeral home took such good care of my family and I when my aunt passed away. Richard Santiago was the staff member who helped me then, and I was lucky enough to have him help me this time as well. When I returned back for my mom, Richard was there and recognized me right away. I knew everything was going to be alright, and done with care. Every staff member that I was in contact with treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. Frank Patti & Kenneth Mikatarian Funeral Home, is a first class business. There was nothing that they wouldn’t do for my family and I, during this difficult time. I cant elaborate enough on how great they are. Its such a relief to be able to have confidence and trust in a business. Do not hesitate to call on them with your family funeral needs. They deserve 10 stars. Frank Patti Sr is a wonderful gentleman. Thank goodness for them. I can’t thank them enough.