G. R.

Frank A Patti handled my mother’s service 25 years ago. When my father was in Hospice last month I called them for advice and they handled EVERYTHING. The next night he passed shortly after midnight and I said my goodbyes and signed the Hospice release paperwork. I received a call from Frank Patti within 30 minutes (this is around 1 am on a Saturday morning!) expressing condolences and assuring me everything would be taken care of. My father passed in Florida so that required a funeral home down here to remove him and send him to NJ so he could be with my mother. They did it all. The shipment from FL to NJ, the obituary, the viewing, the church service, the Military Funeral Honors, even setting up the repast with a local restaurant. All I did was book my own airfare and bring my father’s clothes for the viewing. Frank Patti even dropped me off at my hotel since I did not have a car. They stayed in touch the whole time to make sure everything went as my father wished. I really don’t know what I would have done without them.