Melinda K.

My in-laws are not easily impressed but when we went there to take care of my husband’s funeral arrangements, they had peace of mind after speaking with the staff, and Frank Jr., especially. You will not find a more knowledgeable, more professional director. It’s important to have the right kinds of relationships even when connecting with a cemetery and Frank has those relationships built over decades of experience. If there were any hiccups with guest speakers or anything else, I did not know because Frank handled all the ins and outs. We did not know if we would have 100 people attend or 300. They were prepared for anything and they handled the number of guests so smoothly even though the number far exceeded our expectations. Family dynamics can be complicated sometimes but he took control of everything that needed to be handled so I could focus on sending my husband off in a way he deserved. I would never have been able to if it weren’t for the wonderful staff at Frank Patti and Kenneth Mikatarian Funeral Home. I am forever grateful for their grace and professionalism.