Nicole W.

With 0 experience in being the sole person responsible for managing a funeral for my mother, I was down for whatever the local funeral home could provide. Selecting a funeral home was particularly time-sensitive as they would be responsible for transporting my mother from where she collapsed and died without warning in her home, directly to where she would be cared for posthumously. Frank and his staff were tremendously sympathetic, honest with advice for important decisions, and overly-communicative. In the 3 days between this horribly untimely death and the service, frank and his staff were available and helpful for all of my needs and patient during my painful time. The most impressive experience I had during this time – I had paid for all the necessary details the day of the intake. Didn’t care what the line items were, just wanted to pay and go. A few weeks later I received a REFUND of $159 for whatever had come in under estimate. I was floored. He knew I was vulnerable and not counting pennies and could have pocketed this money. Showed a lot of ethics to send a refund.