Renee G.

I had the unfortunate pleasure of requiring the services of Frank Patti for the second time in less than a year. For both services, the staff, including Frank Patti Sr. And Frank Patti Jr. Were exceptional. I felt very comforted knowing that my beloved Grandparents were in their hands. For my Grandfather’s recent services, Frank Jr. Went above and beyond with the small touches he made to the casket and draping, making a very somber time special to us. He ensured that our wishes, as well as the last requests of both of my Grandparents were followed through with. I was totally floored that he was able to obtain the services of 3 Marines to participate in my Grandfather’s services… At the viewing, my grandfather appeared himself, peaceful and at rest, despite the fact that he had lost so much weight during his 5+ week hospitalization. Caring, Kind and Compassionate throughout the whole experience! I would whole-heartedly, without reservation recommend Frank Patti!