Susheela V.

Frank and his team, especially Richard, John, and Rob, have eased the pain of my mom’s death. Frank handled my father’s and brother’s funerals. I’m going to try to plan ahead; so he may handle mine. (I’m the planner in the family. Not to jinx myself, but is that why I’m the only one left standing??;)) Frank took the time to explain each and every part of the wake and cremation process to me. It can be overwhelming, especially when you are doing this all alone. When you lose your last parent, you’re a little scatterbrained. I kept making mistakes on the obituary, but Frank’s team was happy to help me correct them each and every time…and promptly, too.

And when I walked into the wake, all dressed up, after Frank had seen me in nothing but sweats and a baseball cap all week, his face lit up and beamed as if I were his own child. Frank, your warm reaction bolstered my confidence as I walked into the wake. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.