Photographs & Memories

Increasingly families want to focus on the life lived. Families have often expressed their wish to display photographs and personal items of the deceased’s family, life, honors, hobbies, work experience, talents, and accomplishments.

At Frank Patti Funeral Directors we encourage the use of pictures and personal items to be present and displayed throughout the wake and funeral service.

To provide dignified tributes we offer:

Memory Boards

An easy way to create and display collages. Memory Boards are picture frames which are furnished to the family for use during services. Families are encouraged to provide multiple photograph’s which are then placed on the memory board for all to view and share. We have been told by families that it is a great way to involve all family members to focus on their memories. The selection process is one of both joy and sadness as forgotten memories of days past are re-kindled.

Memorial Displays

As a full service funeral home, we have all necessary equipment to tastefully display any item. A full array of easels, displays, mannequins, etc. helps us to transform our visiting rooms into a tribute area. We have set up memory corners for Artists in a final display of their work, seamstresses and tailors, sports enthusiast’s, veteran’s, and outdoors men. We believe that the arrangement process should be more than a formality. Our director’s work with the family to learn about the deceased life and make recommendations to the family on how they can convey that life to visitor’s through photographs, and personal items.

Video Memorial Tribute

A lasting way to share the life of the deceased for all. Video memorial tributes are photographs digitally scanned and set to the deceased favorite music. Generally the family selects multiple photograph’s of the deceased and some of the deceased favorite songs. The songs and pictures are then prepared digitally and saved to DVD. The tribute can be displayed continuously at the wake service or used as a visual memorial at specific time during the funeral. Copies of the DVD are given to the family to share with present and future generations.

A funeral should be more than the memory of a life. It should be the memory of a lifetime. Let us help you plan the perfect tribute.