My friend, your shine was and remains greater than a thousand suns. Your uniqueness will continue to inspire and light the paths of many to come. Thank you for all the joy and laughter, stellar music contributions and for your deep recognition and love for all people.

  1. May 31,1988
    East Berlin… we set everything for the Joe Cocker Concert on June 1, 1988. Then I went to the hotel, to meet my friends, the truck drivers. There I met TM Stevens. He was surprised so many people from the crew knew me. We talked a lot, the beginning of a great friendship.
    I also worked for Joe at Dresden. And in Fall 1989 I was on tour with them in Austria, Belgium and Germany. Later I met TM, when he was with his own band at Berlin… I was really sad when I got the message, that he is sick.
    I want to thank everybody, who saved his life, who visited him at the care center, who worked over there and looked after him.
    TM has a lot of friends over here in Germany. We won’t forget him!